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Princesses Are Nice But Soccer Players Rock – Go! Go! Sports Girls Giveaway


Go! Go! Sports Girls

So here’s the dilemma my friend Gretchen faced last night. At one single moment in time her husband was attending a class, her son was playing in a baseball game and on a completely different field, her daughter was playing in a T-ball game. I have heard that Mamas are supposed to be superheroes, but unless someone has really figured out how to bend space and time, there’s pretty much no way that my friend Gretchen can see both of those games at once. Yet, of course, she did.

However, as much as I desire to tout the amazing and tireless Mamas who somehow do manage to be two…or three…or four places at once, my favorite part of this story is that my friend’s six-year-old daughter was playing T-ball. Now, she also dances and does gymnastics and is in every way a model for my little Bean who is already wearing her hand-me-down leotards. Today’s tomboys and girly-girls have so many more options beyond climbing trees and styling Barbie’s hair on a giant free-standing head. Today’s preschoolers and high school girls are dancing and playing lacrosse and soccer and tennis and basketball, and I love it so much.

Cassie Soccer Girl Doll from Go! Go! Sports Girls

Active girls want active dolls. Dolls like the Go! Go! Sports Girls from the Dream Big Toy Company. I first met Jodi, the founder of The Dream Big Toy Company at Toy Fair. Jodi has a daughter and has coached girls through “Girls on the Run,” a program that encourages girls to make healthy choices through running. She gets it. And these dolls are awesome. They are sporty. They are snuggly. They have cute uniforms. They come with accessories. They are for ages 3 to 12. And they play sports! Real, active, sweaty sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, softball, and golf. They also dance, run, swim, and do gymnastics. And there are new Go! Go! Sports Girls arriving all the time! They are proving hugely popular and I can see why. I dig them.

Because princesses are okay and all, but tennis players rock. Have you ever seen Serena play? And soccer players. Love that World Cup. And basketball players. WNBA woot! And runners. And…

Look for Go! Go! Sports Girls online at, Target and elsewhere.

Go! Go! Sports Dolls


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