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When Your Baby Girl Says No to Haircuts…Say YES to Hair Clippies!


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My baby girl loves her hair. She has, however, had only two hair cuts in her entire life. We took her to the fancy schmancy overpriced NYC hair cutting place for kids…where your kid can sit in a cool car and watch videos and have a bevy of really friendly stylists blowing bubbles and singing songs. The amazingly skilled stylist cut her hair quickly, efficiently and beautifully. And the Little Bean howled and cried the entire time. So now when I say “Bean, do you want to get a haircut?,” she smiles sweetly and says “No thank you.” Even when I add the most tempting of all incentives…”we’ll get a cupcake afterward,” she still replies in a maddeningly polite voice “No thank you, Mama.”

Now, many of you are no doubt thinking to yourselves, “She’s two for Pete’s sake. Get our your craft scissors and snip a bit.” Well, I tried that once…when the Bean was fourteen months old. This is what happened.

Little Bean's Bangs

I am still traumatized.

The Little Bean is a Leo. According to Cindy, the super insightful astrologer that did our hair and wigs for the show I just closed, Leos are all about their hair. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I can’t bear to mess up her hair again. So sometime soon, in the not so far future, along with the overdue dentist and eye doctor and veterinarian appointments, I will make an appointment to have the Bean’s hair cut.

Shining Stars Boutique Valentines Clippies

Until then…I have to say that the Bean looks unbearably adorable in teeny tiny cute as a button clippies! As soon as her hair recovered from the above abomination, I went to my super fave website, Etsy and ordered adorable hair clips from Shining Stars Boutique. Unlike the toddler hair clips I got from a major retail store that shall remain nameless, the underside of these clippies are fully lined so no nasty scraping from the metal clippy bottom against your baby’s sweet head. The awesome Mamas who started Shining Stars Boutique use non-slip velcro on each of the clippes so they stay put in fine hair, seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying, and offer really really affordable prices. And did I mention that the styles are a-dor-a-ble? Feminine but not cutesy. Girly but not over the top. Ahhhh, I love Etsy. I purchased the Sizzling Summer Fun Mini Bow collection. The colors are bright and cheerful and go with everything. We’ve used them so well that all but three have been snatched by elves and are missing.

So if your little angel is absolutely positively in no way shape or form going to sit through a hair cut, no matter how awesome the barber chairs are…and even if she does deign to get a haircut now and again…check out Shining Stars Boutique. Pretty little clippies.  And leave the haircuts to the professionals.

Shining Stars Boutique Valentines Day Clippies


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